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Product Name: dextran 10
CAS No: 9004-54-0
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Product spec: 10
Packing: 25kg/durm
Price: Inquire
Quantity: Inquire
Valid Period: 2019-01-16
Description: Product Name: dextran 10 Nickname: low molecular dextran, dextran 5/10/2040/70/150/200/500, dextrane etc…. Molecular Formula: (C6H10O5) n· CAS:9004-54-0 EINECS:232-677-5 Character: white powder, odorless, it easy to dissolve in hot water, and insoluble in ethanol. Characteristics: it can rise up the glomerular colloid osmotic pressure after intravenous injection, increase Blood volume by absorbing moisture content of vein, heaving & keeping blood pressure. Action and Use: blood volume expander, it mainly use of massive blood loss, hemorragic shock. Furthermore, it also can use to prevent thrombus after operation & Superficial Thrombophlebitis. Packing :25kg/Drum or 2kg/bag Dextran 5 for injection 4000-6000 Dextran 10 for injection 9500-11500 Dextran 20 for injection 16000- 24000 Dextran 40 for injection 35000- 45000 Dextran 60 for injection 54000- 66000 Dextran 70 for injection 64000-76000 Our advantages: 1.High quality and competetive price 1) dextran COA Certificate.GMP,MANUFACTORER:GUANGXI GUANGHONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD  2) dextran manufacturer with own lab and factory, can provide high quality products with factory price. 2.Fast and safe delivery: 1)Products can be sent out in Three days after payment. Tracking number available, fixed service person are 24h for you to contact. 2) Secure and discreet shipment. Various transportation methods for your choice, By sea or air or express 3)Customs pass and satisfied rate >99%. 4)Enough stock . 1 Name: Dextran 10 2 Other name: dextrano ,vas-dextrán,декстран железа,dekstran 3 Manufacturer GUANGXI GUANGHONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD  4 CAS NO: 9004-54-0 5 Quality Standard: CP2010,BP2017,USP38,EP8.0 6 Molecular formula: (C6H10O)n 7 Deion White powder,odorless and tasteless,very soluble in water,slightly soluble in alcohol,molecular mass distribution 9500 to 11,500. 8 Action and use: Used for clinical injection, synthesize dextran gel and other important derivatives; plasma volume expander, improve the microcirculation, keep blood from bolting formation and benefit urine function. 9 Molecular-mass MW:9,500- 11,500 10 Packing 25kg/Drum or 2kg/bag ITEMS STANDARD CHARACTERS WHITE POWDER, TASTELESS,ODORLESS IDENTIFICATION POSITIVE OPTICAL ROTATION +180°~ +190° PH 4.5~7.0 HEAVY METALS ≤ 8ppm SULPHATED ASH ≤ 0.3% CHLORIDE ≤ 0.15% LOSS ON DRY ≤ 7.0% LIMITT OF NITROGENOUS IMPURITIES ≤ 0.007% MASS Mw 9500 ~11500
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