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Product Name: Iron Dextran 10% injection
CAS No: 9004-66-4
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Product spec: 10%
Packing: In KG: 25kg/drum, 220kg/drum ;In L: 25L/drum, 200L/drum
Price: Inquire
Quantity: 8000Kilograms
Valid Period: 2019-11-16
Description: 1 Chemical Name: iron dextran 10% 2 Other Names: Iron dextran complex, Hierro dextrano,ferro dextrano,vas-dextrán,декстран железа,dekstran besi. 3 Characters A dark brown colloidal solution,phenol in flavour  4 CAS NO: 9004-66-4 5 Molecular formula (C6H10O5)m[Fe(OH)3]× Iron Dextran/gleptoferron 6 Quality Standard 1)CP2010 , 2)USP38, 3)BP2017 7 Effect: It is an anti-anemia medicine, which can be used in the iron-deficiency anemia of a newborn piggy and other animals. 8 Toxicology Experiment The half oral lethal dosis of a mouse (LD50) is 25000mg/kg, which belongs to the nontoxic degree. 9 Content of iron 95.0-105.0mgFe/ml 10 Content of dextran 4.0%~12.0%(g/ml) 11 Relative viscosity ≤10mpa•s (25℃) 12 Packing Blue plastic drums,25 liter/drums;50 liter/drums;200liter/drums OPERATION DEMAND: 1. Add Water for Injection, the quantity of water determined by the assay that your required, heated to 40~60°and mix about 30 minutes. (Powder: Quantity of additional water=1:3~6) 2. Adjust PH 5.2~5.5 with 6N HCL, retained the temperature and mixed 5~10 hours and then spot test the Iron Assay. According to the Iron Assay that you’re required to added water or evaporated water. 3. After test passed, add Phenol for 0.5% above the total quantity. Trash extraction by supercentrifuge, and then filtrate by Membrane Filters that aperture is 0.45μ. 4. Filling, Sealing and Sterilization(100℃ 30 minutes or 121℃ 20 minutes) after filtration. 5. After refrigeration, wipe bottle and bottle cap clean and then test under light, remove the bottle which ullage, air leakage and have impurity. After Labeling and packing to obtain finish products. Note: Filtration must be use a dedicated device. (For reference only) Products Appliction Area Products Characters Use Remark Iron dextran solution5%,10%,15%,20%(CP2010,USP38) Manufacture into injection, For intramuscular or subcutaneous injection,use in iron-deficiency anemia of animals,such like piglets,sows,calves,cow,horse,sheep,goat,camel…. For Animals Only Iron dextran powder 38%(USP38) Dissolve into solution,then manufacture into injection.For intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.use in iron-deficiency anemia of animals,such like piglets,sows,calves,cow,horse,sheep,goat,camel…… If use as a feed additive,add into feed by the mixture ratio as request. If use for oral administration,use in iron-deficiency animia of animals,such like piflets,sows,calves,cow,horse,sheep,goat,camel…… For Animal only iron dextran powder 25%(CP2010) Manufacture into Tablets,For oral administration.use in humans’s iron-deficiency anemia which brings by chronic blood loss of clear reasons,malnutrition,pregnancy and growth period of children etc. For:Women,children and the elderly etc….. For humans,oral only Packages of iron dextran Guanghong pharma Effect: It is an anti-anemia medicine, which can be used in the iron-deficiency anemia of a newborn piggy and other animals Iron supplement. Rational Formula:(C6H10O5)m[Fe(OH)3]× Iron Dextran/gleptoferron Characteristic: The ferric content is one of the highest in the similar products in the world. So it use just little. It is safe and absorbable quickly and has a good effect as well. Toxicology Experiment: The half oral lethal dosis of a mouse (LD50) is 25000mg/kg, which belongs to the nontoxic degree. Dosage and Administration:Inject in the deep part of the muscle. It is convenience when injecting in the neck of the animals. Injection 1ml when the piggy is born in three days; the growth rate will be improved when you give it another injection at the time it is weaning. Special Indication: Used as the raw material. It can be made into many kinds of ferric injection through adding water. Storage and shelf life: Iron Dextran Injection should be protected from light and should be stored at room temperature. Shelf life is 3years.
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